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The App Multiple is a revolutionary advertising platform for apps and mobile websites. We create a new type of highly appealing ad extensions that better engage users throughout the mobile web.

We are a fast-moving mobile monetization platform dedicated to find new and engaging ways to help publishers and advertisers generate real revenue from their apps and mobile websites. We started this journey two years ago, and now we are happy to say we delivered!

We developed our own mobile ad serving platform which is highly scalable, and forms the foundation of our ad network, in a record timespan of less than four months. This has been made possible by a team of very talented and motivated technology professionals whose consistent focus has been and would be to push the boundaries of Ad market.

What We Do With Experience

Are you running a mobile Website? Or are you an app developer?

Engaging Users

Engaging users by using advanced reactions enticing them to explore new content and apps.

Responsive Display

Dynamically presented on mobile browsers by adapting to user gestures and screen properties.


The App Multiple Offers based on your user’s content preferences, location, device and operating system.


Works on all mobile web browsers installed on iOS, Android or Windows Phone devices.

User Acquisition the right way

Are you looking for a reliable mobile marketing partner who can exceed your expectations?

Post-Install KPI Driven

We understand that the user journey only begins at the install. We focus 100% of our campaigns on the metrics that truly matter to you- whether that be a level complete, registration event, subscription or even return on ad spend.


Fraud Prevention

Rest assured that with App Muptiple you will never pay for a fake user, incentivized action or bot activity ever. We take fraud extremely seriously and proactively look for signals that lead to misleading metrics from the start of the campaign using our proprietary analytics platform.


Global Scale

We know that each client’s goal is unique to their product. That said, driving results is much more compelling in combination with large scale execution. App Muptiple aggregates every type of mobile inventory in the world in order to drive the best results at scale on a global level.


Trust & Efficiency

App Muptiple knows that time is tight for user acquisition managers in today’s fast paced and competitive ecosystem. Our promise is to never take that for granted and provide you with responsible and proactive budget management with the deepest industry expertise out there.


Industry Expertise

Founded by mobile ad tech veterans, our team of mobile acquisition experts aided in building user bases of the largest apps in the iOS and Google Play stores; driving tens of millions of non incent quality users over the years.


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